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I have a content idea for Bizversity

At Bizversity we did a great deal of research, speaking to hundreds of business owners and advisers asking them what they want to know about business.  We took all the feedback and broke it down into 23 Business Topics, 8 Categories and 98 Sub Categories, all relating to running a business!

We then reached out to leading business experts and successful entrepreneurs, asking them to share their knowledge, experiences, hurdles, wins and strategies with us so they could help people like you from all over the world.

In saying that, there is always something new or specific you may want to know about that we haven't covered yet.  If there is something you would like to know, tell us what it is! We have our own TV studio and experts on hand so we can produce videos fairly quickly and get them up onto Bizversity for you.

Email us at hello(at) and let us know what information/content you want to see.  Be specific.  For example, explain to us what your challenge or knowledge gap is and what specific information you are looking for. This helps us decide if it is an interview, presentation or tutorial that is needed.

We plan our production schedule in accordance with requests from users... yes, we get a lot of them! 

Thank you for helping us make Bizversity the tool of choice in providing business education anytime, anywhere to people just like you all over the world.

Updated on: 04/07/2022

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