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Can I reach out to one of your experts or guests?

At Bizversity, we partner with leading entrepreneurs, business owners and business educators around the world.  They share their knowledge, wisdom, successes, failures and everything in between as they are just as passionate as we are to making a difference in the business community around the globe.
We openly share with you our experts' details so you can reach out to them, follow them on social media, know what other videos/shows they created for Bizversity and see how else you might be able to tap into their wisdom.

Experts Pages
On our Experts pages you will see over 250+ experts listed alphabetically.

When you click on an expert's page you will see their profile image, biography, links to all the episodes/shows they feature in, a free gift, if they offer one plus links to all their social media accounts and website so you can follow them or reach out directly.

Continually educating ourselves is really important for us to grow our businesses and for personal growth.  We also want to ensure our valued time is spent watching and listening to quality people.  That is why we select our experts carefully and give you full access to discover who you are watching and listening to.

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Updated on: 04/07/2022

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