Bizversity Team Plans are designed around giving all the employees of a business access to Bizversity's amazing content library while also giving the owner access to a variety of admin tools to customise Bizversity to their liking.

Whether you have a small business of 1-10 employees, a medium business of 11-50 employees or a large business of 51-100 employees, we have a plan that will allow your whole team to access Bizversity in the most cost effective way.  

Every employee under a team plan will get access to all the features Bizversity has to offer including the ability to watch on 3 devices, the ability to access 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x speeds and much much more. 

Team Plans also come with access to our Administrator Dashboard allowing for business owners to customise the content their employees can and can't see as well as manage the access both their employees and clients have to Bizversity.

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