Up to three devices access on the Fast Growth Plan

On the Fast Growth Plan, you can be logged into up to 3 devices at a time.  So your mobile phone, Apple TV and tablet.  So when you are going about your business and you may start the morning watching on your Apple TV, then you jump in the car so you continue listening on your mobile phone and then you get to work and you watch on your tablet at your desk.

Now you can be logged into 3 devices at the same time though you can only watch on 1 device at a time.  Being logged into 3 devices at a time is to help you easily switch between devices on the go.

Oops I logged into too many devices according to my plan

If you go to log into a device and you have already reached your login limit a screen will pop up to let you know to log out of one of your other devices. 

For existing Lite and Starter Plan, you will need to upgrade to Fast Growth Plan to enjoy this feature.

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