Before troubleshooting your downloading of videos/audio to your phone or tablet you will need:

  • An iPhone or iPad running on iOS 9.0 or later, or
  • A phone or tablet running Android 4.42 or later
  • An internet connection, best if you use Wifi rather than your mobile data if you can
  • An active Bizversity account on the Growth monthly or annual plan,  and
  • The latest version of the Bizversity App downloaded onto your iPhone, iPad, phone or tablet

Also check:

  • Your Bizversity App is open on your mobile device
  • You have a good amount of battery life left on your device, if not then plug into a power source
  • You have space left on your device.  This you can check in the app via settings
  • You can delete previous downloads to create space on your device individually via your playlist or via your settings in the App

What next?
Once you all of the above criteria is met then try downloading again.  This time it should work.  If you are still experiencing problems then email us at hello[at] or chat with us via the chat window on our website or in the app.

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