Learning about business anytime, anywhere... even if there is no wifi or mobile coverage, is easy to do by using the download video feature in Bizversity.

Quality of Download

When you watch videos using WiFi or mobile data you can select to watch in 1080p down to 144p the choice is yours.  When we download videos/audio to your mobile device we do so in 720p to ensure you still get good quality though have the minimum impact on the data space on your mobile device.

Download Videos

The following options are available for downloads on the video or audio player page:

Start Download - click downward green arrow button

Pause Download - click green ring button showing the progress of the download

Resume Download - click the green pause button

Manage your Downloads

Under the Playlist page there is a tab Downloads. This is where you can manage the videos you have selected to download onto your device. You will be able to see the state of each video:

  • Not Started - downward green arrow icon
  • In Progress - green ring icon showing the progress of the download
  • Paused - green pause icon
  • Complete - plum check [tick] icon

Download Settings

Under Settings < Downloads you can:

  • set your downloads to happen only over WiFi. The default option is ON
  • see how much phone storage is being taken up with downloaded videos
  • remove one video at a time to free up storage
  • remove all downloads from Bizversity off your device

Availability of Downloads

Currently downloaded videos are bound to your device, not your account.  Meaning if you have an iPhone and an iPad and you download the video to your iPhone you will only be able to watch the video, as a download, from your iPhone.

Note: In a future release we will have the feature of synchronised downloads between devices.

Access to Downloads

If you are under an existing Lite or Starter plan, you are unable to download videos but you can upgrade your subscription by clicking the button below.

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