My Profile | My Business

There are two ways you can access information about yourself and your business:

Under My Profile, you will be able to update your name, email and mobile/cell number for billing and communication purposes. To help us to get to know you better, you have the option to share your country, home city, gender, age and LinkedIn profile. You can also change the display name shown on the leaderboards within this part of the app.

Under My Business, what you share enables us to tailor your experience while using the Bizversity app and helps us understand your specific business. You can share your company name, company website, type of business, industry, number of years in business, number of employees and your average annual revenue. Adding any of these details is optional.

If you do share this information when you are chatting to our team, when you have questions or when giving us feedback, it helps us to understand where you are coming from and to share information which is specific to you.

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