Finding your Bizversity subscription invoices via the website:
You can easily access your invoices from the My Account section on the Website.

To start, simply Login and click on the My Account tab on the Bizversity homepage. From here, click the My Billing tab and your invoices should be listed under the My Invoices heading. 

In order to get details about a certain invoice, simply click on the one you want more information about and you will be taken to a separate page with all the payment details listed out.

Finding your Bizversity subscription invoices via the Bizversity App:

Go to Settings then My Account and click the Upgrade button in the top right corner.

  • If you signed-up through the website or Bizversity Android app and wish to view your invoices, you will be redirected straight away to the website to make the change.
  • If you subscribed through Apple In-App Purchase, you will be redirected to iTunes to make the change.
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