Bizversity videos stream through the internet on your hand-held device. We utilise the technology and resources of one of the largest hosting services in the world and thus the videos you watch will be shown at an optimum resolution for your internet connection.

The best way to access as much of our content as possible is to contact your mobile internet service provider and upgrade to an unlimited plan.

If that’s not an option, we allow you to select within our video player, via the diamond icon, the level of quality you want to stream your videos in (Eg, 240p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc) . 

A lower quality video stream will consume less data.

As a guideline, you can expect these approximate data usage estimates for 1 hour of video:

240p ~ 70-150 MB 360p ~ 160-250 MB 480p ~ 300-400 MB 720p ~ 500-900 MB 1080p ~ 900-1.4 GB 

If you are close to your monthly data limit, consider changing to a device using a different plan. Or why not pop down to your local coffee shop and take advantage of their free wireless? You can brush up on your business skills while you relax with a cappuccino :)

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